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Below are the steps to get started. Documentation is located at

To start using the Turbo framework, please follow the following few simple steps:

1. Copy the provided DLL files to the BIN folder of your web-site. Note: if you are working with a Visual Studio web application project, add them as references.

2. Open the web.config file (if it doesn't exist, create it), and add the settings below:

Change system.web -> pages by adding the following attribute: autoEventWireup="false"

Under system.web -> pages -> controls, add:
<add assembly="TA.Turbo" namespace="TA.Turbo.Controls" tagprefix="t">

Under system.web -> httpHandlers, add:
<add path="TurboResource.axd" type="TA.Turbo.ResourceHandler" validate="false" verb="GET,HEAD">
<add verb="GET,HEAD" path="TurboCaptcha.axd" validate="false" type="TA.Turbo.CaptchaHandler"/>
<add path="TurboFileUpload.axd" type="TA.Turbo.FileUploadHandler" validate="false" verb="*">
<remove path="*.aspx" verb="*">
<add path="*.aspx" type="TA.Turbo.PageHandlerFactory" verb="*">

Under system.web -> httpModules, add:
<add name="FileUploadHttpModule" type="TA.Turbo.FileUploadHttpModule, TA.Turbo">

Please note that if any of the elements contained in the settings path are missing, they have to be created also. For example, if <system.web> exists, but <pages> is missing, the <pages> element has to be added to <system.web>, and the <controls> element has to be added to <pages>.

3. Ensure that all pages inherit from the TPage class. User controls should inherit from TA.Turbo.Controls.BaseUserControl, but it is not required.

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