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Project Description
Turbo framework is an extension for ASP.NET which solves most problems associated with WebForms (ViewState, performance, client-side scripting, resource optimization), while utilizing its advantages (component design, RAD), and comes with a set of advanced, rich UI controls.

In addition to offering a number of advanced features, the Turbo framework promotes "clean" coding techniques: class based JavaScript libraries; sophisticated class tree of controls and supporting components on the server; strong typing and explicit style of coding; almost no use of reflection; and avoiding other unreliable and low performance techniques whenever possible.

Turbo doesn't require the whole project to be changed/redeveloped to use it; pages using Turbo can be added one at a time, whenever needed. This makes it much easier to transition from the existing model to Turbo; no large upfront development effort is required. By making use of Visual Studio editor and designer, highest productivity is ensured by allowing developers to re-use their existing knowledge about ASP.NET in general and WebForms in particular.

Check out the functionality it offers by downloading the binaries and the samples.

Feedback is greatly appreciated! Please write back using Discussions and/or Issue Tracker (as appropriate), to ensure continued improvement.

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